Bedbug infestation forces firefighters to sleep in trucks (video)

Firefighters sleeping in fire trucks 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) Nobody wants to sleep on bug infested beds, especially on those with bedbugs that bite while sleeping.

That is what was expected of our brave men and women who are firefighters.

Bad cases of bedbug infestation were reported at many firehouses around the nation.

In one case, at the Northwest Washington DC fire station, the bedbug problem became so bad that firefighters chose to sleep in the fire trucks rather than the bug infested beds.

The conditions at the firehouse became so bad that firefighters slept in their personal vehicles or fire trucks to prevent insect bites in their bunkrooms, a report on the conditions of DC firehouses found.

The 180-page report of the Office of the Inspector General, detailed the problematic conditions in the DC fire stations throughout the city, including bedbugs, the lack of working smoke detectors, leaking roofs, flooded basements, rodent infestation and problems with the heating or cooling systems.

Among the findings, 19 stations had significant problems with rodents, with a report that mice had been found dead in a refrigerator, seven did not have functional heating systems, 27 had no fire extinguishers and 22 reported that the monitor information screen which shows calls were not working or were unreliable.
The video below was taken at a Cincinnati fire department.



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