Thieves lit on fire while stealing electrified copper wires (video)

Thieves on fire 
By: authorname 

(Scroll down for video) Police are trying to locate two men, who are responsible for causing a huge explosion at a church while stealing copper pipes.

The two were seen on surveillance cameras trying to steal the wire, but they were unsuccessful, as the wire exploded.

The Westway Baptist Church, was left without power after the unidentified men tried to steal the electric cable from the main building.

The video shows a truck pulling up, followed by a man cutting the wires near the street, possibly trying to disconnect the main power line.

The video also shows another man cutting wires in the switch box at the church, followed by the explosion. The bolt cutters exploded on contact with the copper wire.

"The man just blew up in a ball of fire," head deacon Michael Kirtley said. The church has no idea if he was electrocuted. The Church called local medical centers to help locate the man.

"If you find someone with suspicious burns, we urge you to inform the authorities," Kirtley said. The church canceled all activities Wednesday night, for lack of electricity. They had to rent a generator in preparation for Sunday services.



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