93 people arrested for believing that the world is coming to an end

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By: Anika Rao 

At least 93 people were detained for believing that the world is coming to an end, according to police reports from China.

The Chinese authorities have arrested 93 people accused of spreading doomsday rumors and arrested a man who slashed 23 children in a school after he was psychologically affected by these predictions, the state news agency reported on Monday.

The 93 people from seven provinces, included members of the banned "God Almighty" cult. They were arrested for "distributing leaflets about the apocalypse and the spread of rumors."

"These cult members recently began saying that the sun will shine and the electricity will not work for three days."

China has launched a campaign against the "Almighty God" cult, which also called for a decisive battle "to kill the Red Dragon Communist Party.”

The China Communist Party allows no challenge to its rule and is keen to maintain social stability. However, it has struggled to quell the rumors, which often spread quickly over the Internet.



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