U.S. drone operator claims he was ordered to kill children

Drone illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A U.S. drone operator told a German newspaper that he was ordered to kill men, women and children, according to press reports.

The former operator of U.S. drones opened up about the number of victims after killing dozens of innocent people by pressing a button from a control room in New Mexico.

Brandon Bryant, 27, of Missoula, Montana, spent six years in the Air Force Predator Drones operation unit from inside a dark container.

After following orders to shoot and kill a child in Afghanistan, he knew he could not continue doing
what he was doing, so he left the Army.

"I saw men, women and children die during that time," he told the newspaper. "I never thought I was going to kill so many people. Indeed, I thought I could not kill anyone."

The killing took a huge toll on his health, until one day he tipped over and started spitting blood. A doctor sent him home to recover. After he returned he still suffered from extreme post traumatic stress disorder. It was then that he decided to quit the military.



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