Doctor kills himself after girlfriend refuses to have Hindu wedding

Hospital room illustration 
By: Aarav Sen 

A Hindu doctor, who fell in love and wanted to marry a fellow British doctor, ended up killing himself after she refused to have a Hindu wedding, according to police officials.

The doctor committed suicide over his romance with another doctor because his parents were opposed to the "cultural differences" between the couple.

India born Dr. Madhu Honnaiah, 33, swallowed drugs in Singleton Hospital in Swansea, where he worked after splitting from Dr. Emma Wrighton.

An inquiry heard that his parents had opposed his commitment to Dr. Wrighton, 32, because she refused to have a Hindu wedding.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Honnaiah, was alone when he injected two drugs used in surgery, seven months after their separation.

The investigation discovered that Dr. Honnaiah had started a relationship with fellow Dr. Wrighton, while working in Liverpool.

Dr. Wrighton then got a job in Australia, but the couple kept in touch and moved in together with her return to Britain.

The two doctors got engaged, although Dr. Honnaiah did not inform his parents. Dr. Honnaiah also discovered that he suggested a Hindu wedding to his girlfriend, but she did not agree.

The couple separated and Dr. Honnaiah moved to Swansea.



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