U.S. judge removed after showing female court clerk nude photos

Judge Willie Singletary 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A U.S. judge was removed from his position after he showed a female court clerk nude photos, according to press reports.

The judge, who was elected to the Philadelphia Traffic Court, was removed from office by a judicial ethics panel for showing the woman working as a court clerk nude cell phone photos of himself.

The Court of Judicial Discipline issued the sentence Thursday, in the case of Willie Singletary, who was charged with participating in judicial misconduct.

Singletary’s lawyer, John Summers, called it a "one-time, accidental error." Singletary resigned from the bench.

“Singletary is working, married this year, and is moving on with his life,” his lawyer added. "The court analyzed all available sanctions, looked at past cases, and removal was selected," Summers said. "Surely they knew that he had already resigned."

According to Summers, Singletary and the female court clerk were showing each other content on their mobile phones when "as a matter of seconds," she saw the photos in question. The complaint board said Singletary asked the woman: "Did you like it?"



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