McDonald's worker fired after sprinkling too much chocolate on ice cream

Chocolate sprinkles on ice cream illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A McDonald’s employee was fired after she sprinkled too much chocolate when a customer purchased an ice cream, according to court proceedings.

The employee of McDonald’s, who was fired after spraying too much chocolate on a McFlurry, has been handed $4,500 in compensation after suing the fast food giant for wrongful dismissal.

Sarah Finch, 19, was dismissed for gross misconduct after bosses accused her of giving away free food after serving too much chocolate to a co worker on an ice cream purchase.

However, the restaurant chain paid furious Sarah Finch, over $4,500 in compensation to settle a lawsuit out of court after she refused to accept her dismissal.

She said: “The matter was trivial, since I gave a co-worker, who was buying a dessert, a generous
pinch of chocolate sprinkles. There are no standards for these measures, which are always vague and will vary between customers. My colleague asked me to please give her a nice one. So I have erred on more than average rather than less than average.”

Her mother, Tessa Finch, added: "We have been instructed not to say anything and I have to stand by that. But we had them firmly by the knackers and they had to pay up."



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