Drunken man arrested for terrorizing New York hotel guests

New York City 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A drunken man terrorized guests in an upstate New York hotel until police removed him from the scene, according to witnesses.

What was supposed to be a quiet night's sleep in a bed and breakfast upstate ended up becoming a nightmare for customers due to an intruder.

Police said that the drunken man broke into the bed and breakfast, jokingly called guests on the phone and caused smoke alarms to sound.

Police in New York state said that this happened early Saturday morning.

Troopers said that Jason Bennett, 38, was drunk when he was ditched by his driver. He went to the bed and
breakfast, which police did not name. Police said that he got into the main building. Once inside, they said that he started phoning the rooms from the main switchboard in the lobby.

Police said that the Greenfield man lit a fire in the fireplace, which caused lots of smoke thereby activating the smoke alarms. Guests fled from their rooms due to the alarms.

State Police responded and arrested Bennett. He faces criminal charges for trespassing.



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