Driver arrested after kicking government construction worker in the behind

Road work sign illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A government construction worker suffered a kick in the behind after a driver became enraged at a construction road block, according to police reports.

The worker suffered a real pain in the behind this week, due to the frustrated driver.

The road rage incident happened in the morning, to 29-year-old James Roberts, as he was making some repairs along Fulton Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

Roberts, an employee with the Department of Transportation of the city, briefly blocked traffic so a machine could move across the road.

"This driver waited a few minutes, but then suddenly started speeding ahead before we were ready," Roberts said.

"He hit me with his side mirror," he said.

The driver, who police later identified as Daniel Pinkhas, 44, of Queens, stopped, then is when Roberts thought he was going to apologize.

"I waved him over. I was like, 'Okay, go ahead. No one was injured,’” the worker said.
Pinkhas and another passenger in the vehicle, who got out of the car with him, apparently were not prepared to apologize.

The couple began yelling at a co-worker, according to Roberts, so he pulled away his colleague from the scene.

Pinkhas then gave him a kick in the behind, Roberts said.

"He kicked me! I turned around and he kicked me in the behind and lower back," the worker said indignantly.

A melee then broke out as other workers came to the rescue when the pair ran back to their car to flee.

Roberts’ co-workers stood in front of the car to stop them from fleeing until police and an ambulance arrived.

Fulton Street was closed for nearly a block, witness Anthony Albert, 40, said. "There were lots of police cars," he said.

Pinkhas was charged with misdemeanor assault, police said.

Joe Puleo, vice president of Local 983, which represents the workers who repair the road, said that the DOT should put police where the workers are doing construction.

"People drive around barricades all the time. A worker died in Staten Island due to that. These workers have a tough job," he said.

Roberts was taken to Brookdale University Hospital for treatment and was released.



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