Woman takes cat to vet only to discover that it is a wild bobcat

Bobcat illustration 
By: Aarav Sen 

It was close to midnight when a woman was driving along a road in Bangor, Maine.

All of a sudden she felt like she hit something.

The woman stopped her van to see what she hit. She saw a cat laying on the floor with an injured leg. The woman put the cat inside her van and drove it to an animal hospital.

In an act of humanity, the woman endangered her life. While driving the cat to the vet she suddenly realized that the animal in her van was not a house cat, but rather a wild bobcat.

The woman was shocked by the discovery. She parked next to the Bangor City Hall and opened the doors of her van in order to let the bobcat escape. It did, but because of its injury the bobcat did not run away instead it hid underneath the van.

Josh Plourde, who saw the woman in distress and he saw the wild cat underneath the van, called police to report the incident.

Officer Jim Fahey, who was at the scene said: “I saw it had a hip and/or leg injury and was unable to walk. My estimation was that it was going to be a mortal wound.”

The bobcat was humanely euthanized, Fahey said. No charges have been filed against the driver. “Although this case seems amusing, one should always be careful handling injured animals and call the local animal control when in doubt,” Bangor Police Sgt. Paul Edwards wrote in a news release.

“If they feel strongly about doing something, they could certainly report the incident so that there’s no undue suffering on behalf of the animal,” Fahey said. “But I’m not going to suggest people handle a wild animal because of rabies, bites and scratches. There are a lot of reasons not to handle a wild animal.”



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