Black cat joins school as crossing guard

By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) Kids all over are used to seeing the crossing guard as they approach their school location.

At one school there is something else that awaits them each day, for the past year, a cat.

Black cats are generally considered unlucky. Sable, a black cat that is 15 years old, is using his golden years to reverse this superstition.

Sable has spent the last year, volunteering as a crossing guard for students at Enterprise Middle School in West Richland, Washington, in the morning and afternoon, rain or shine.

It makes its way to school from home to the street. The cat just sits down there and watches all the children crossing with the crossing guard every day, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

Monti Franckowiak, responsible for school safety patrol, cannot remember a day that Sable has missed.

"It has been there all year, even when temperatures are in the single digits," Franckowiak said. "When students are passing, the cat is there with us."

Sable belongs to Tamara Morrison, who moved to the block about a year ago. Without warning or training, Sable began its work at the beginning of the school year. After realizing Sable’s dedication, Morrison bought it its own orange crossing guard vest.

Enterprise High School staff and students have embraced Sable as part of their community. It is front and center on the school website. The school mascot is a wildcat, so Sable has become an icon.

"Its going to sit there and wait to be petted by the students," Franckowiak said. "Sable just loves children."