Drunk New York assistant district attorney arrested after refusing to pay taxi

New York City taxi illustration 
By: Anika Rao 

A Brooklyn, New York, assistant district attorney was arrested after he refused to pay a taxi, according to police reports.

The drunk assistant district attorney was arrested Thursday, for allegedly refusing to pay the taxi fare after telling the police officers who arrived at the scene, that they could not arrest him because he outdrank them, according to press reports.

Imran Ansari was apparently driving home to Long Island City, Queens, at 10:19 p.m. when the driver, Mohammad Hossain, stopped his taxi on 48th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard to let him out.

According to press reports, the drunk assistant prosecutor refused to pay the driver, telling Hossain: "I will not pay you."

The driver who became disgusted by Ansari, led him to the 108th police station, where he reported that the assistant district attorney is refusing to pay the fare. The police ordered Ansari several times to produce $21.50.

Ansari allegedly refused, and arrogantly declared: "I am a Brooklyn ADA and I outrank you," witnesses said.
Police said Ansari admitted to having no money and therefore, charged him with theft of services, a class a misdemeanor. He is set to be arraigned in four to six weeks.

Ansari, who worked for five years as an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, was suspended after the arrest, according to official reports from the DA’s Office.



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