School charges fee to hug young students

School charges fee to hug young students 
By: Anika Rao 

A school claims that hugging children puts them in a good mood and boosts their confidence.

In order for the kindergarten kids to get a hug from their teachers, parents must pay a fee.

The school in Yangzhou city, east China, is being investigated by a local education authority after they began charging a "hug fee," which caused an outcry from parents.`

Parents must pay a fee of $12.80 a month per child in order for their children to be hugged by teachers in the morning when they arrive to school and again before they go home.

The school explained that the service is part of a quality education study, to show that children feel more loved and have more confidence when they receive hugs from their teachers.

According to reports, local education authorities said there were no grounds for the fee.

The school was ordered to return the money to parents. Further investigations is underway.