Explosion in Texas home injures six children

Fire illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt 

Children playing with a gas can and a fire caused an explosion that injured six children, according to emergency workers.

Four children were taken to a Dallas Hospital with critical burns after the gas can exploded near a fire pit in a backyard, a fire official said.

Two other children were taken to a local hospital, one with serious injuries and the other with minor burns.

At least one of the boys poured gasoline on the fire Monday, and left the can near the pit, Stacie Durham, a spokesperson for the McKinney Fire Department, said.

Vapors caused the gasoline to ignite and six children, who were nearby when it exploded, had flames hit them, she said.

Deb Martin, a neighbor, said that she ran into the house when she heard the explosion. "It was like a whistle," Martin said. "I do not know how else to describe it and the kids were screaming. I thought at first, that maybe it was a firecracker, but they continued screaming. Some of the kids were running from the back yard."

The injured children were aged between 4 and 11. They are also reportedly related and some are brothers, Durham said. A fifth child who was also taken to a hospital in Dallas, was in critical condition, and a sixth was taken to a hospital with minor burns, McKinney said.



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