Man slams car into schoolchildren injuring 13

Car crash illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

More than a dozen schoolchildren were injured when a man slammed his car into the group as they were leaving school for lunch, according to press reports.

The Chinese man crashed his car into the group of schoolchildren, injuring 13.

The man allegedly tried to cause an explosion by packing his car with fireworks and a gas tank.

The students in the northern province of Hebei, were leaving school for lunch, when the car hit them.

China has seen several attacks on schools in recent years, including a knife attack that injured 22, two weeks ago.

In the latest incident, three children were seriously injured and another 10 were treated for minor

The man's daughter had been murdered three years ago, and the man had a history of making complaints to the authorities.

The incident, at Fengning middle school, happened on Monday, but was only reported on Tuesday. A series of deadly incidents at schools sparked panic across the country.

Several of the attackers appeared to be men with grievances against the authorities. Officials characterizes them as men with mental disorders.



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