Penguin eats its own newborn chick (video)

Penguin eating its own chick 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) Zoo keepers were horrified when a male penguin ate its newborn chick.

The zookeeper was monitoring the zoo’s activity through a surveillance camera, when he saw the penguin eating its own chick. The baby penguin was born in Heilongjiang, China.

At first, the penguin was seen on surveillance video trying to feed the young chick, but when the chick refused to eat the male penguin became irritated. Then the male began to peck the chick repeatedly, grab and shake it before finally swallowing the whole chick alive.

When the zookeeper saw the male pecking the newborn, he rushed to the hatchery, but when he got there it was too late. The male had already eaten the chick.

No one knows why the penguin decided to eat the chick. An investigation is underway.



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