Police officer saves baby rolling down hill in shopping cart (video)

Dollar General store location 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) While on his routine patrol, a police officer in Spooner, Wisconsin, saw a shopping cart rolling down a hill.

He realized that there was a baby in the shopping cart.

Adam Brunclik, a part time police officer, saw the shopping cart coming from a Dollar General Store parking lot and rolling down the hill into a busy street.

The cart rolled down the hill into traffic at an alarming fast pace. Officer Brunclik knew that he cannot catch the cart before it hits the traffic. Therefore, he made the decision to stop traffic.

He turned on his lights and siren and placed his car strategically on the road to block traffic. When traffic came to a halt he ran after the cart, and took the child out. Surprisingly, the baby was unhurt.

"The mother met me on the other side of the hill. She was running down the hill pretty fast. She was just hysterical," officer Brunclik said.

The mother told Brunclik that she placed her older child in the car when all of a sudden the cart started rolling down the hill with her infant son inside.

"It's not often that officers have something like that happen right in front of them, but he was in the right place at the right time. He had to take action, quick action to possibly save that child's life," Spooner Police Chief Robert Andrea said.

Officer Brunclik received an award from the Spooner Police Department for his heroic actions.