Pilot spots thief stealing his trailer while flying over his home (video)

Trailer illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt 

(Scroll down for video) An airplane pilot caught a thief who was stealing his trailer, while flying over his home, according to police reports in Virginia.

Pilot David Zehntner was flying his personal plane from North Carolina to his home in Florida, when he decided to fly over his house and saw something unusual.

"There was a silver truck with a white camper in his driveway so he decided to get a closer look," the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office said in a press release.

"He saw a man looking into the windows of his house and then connect a red trailer to his vehicle. He then drove off with the trailer," the statement added.

Zehntner called police and then began to follow the thief with his plane. The runaway trailer was located by authorities who arrested the thief during a traffic stop.

Robert Haines, 59, of Stafford, Virginia, was arrested and charged with burglary, police said. By then, Zehntner had landed his plane and arrived at the scene to get his trailer back.

“Police found a loaded rifle and bullets inside Haines’ truck,” the report said. Haines was taken to the Charlotte County Jail and released Monday on $2,500 bail.

Authorities are still investigating the theft. Police are also investigating if the weapons, which were found in the truck, were stolen.



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