Man survives getting sucked into cement mixer

Scene of the incident 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A man is lucky to be alive and well after a horrific freak accident at a construction site, which almost killed him.

Shaukei Oliveira, 47, was almost crushed to death when he was sucked into a working cement mixer. His chest was ripped open and his heart and lungs were exposed. Amazingly, Oliveira has had a remarkable recovery after only two weeks in the hospital.

While building a house in South Windsor, Canada, Oliveira had been scraping excess mortar from the edge of the mixing barrel when all of a sudden the handle of the tool was lifted and he was caught in the cement mixing paddle. His clothing got stuck and it pulled him into the machine.

When Oliveira was dragged into the machine at the construction site he thought his life was over. His colleagues rushed to the scene quickly, turning off the machine.

The accident left Oliveira with his chest ripped open, a collapsed lung and broken ribs.

After being pulled into the machine, the construction worker said: "I did not think that I would come out. The next thing I remember is opening my eyes again and seeing my boss and another co-worker pulling me out.”

He was taken to Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital in Windsor, where he was placed on a respirator. Oliveira and his family are grateful that he made it out alive and for his speedy recovery.



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