Woman coughs up cancer tumor saving her life (video)

Claire Osborn 
By: Devansh Dutt 

(Scroll down for video) A woman saved her life by coughing up her cancerous tumors, according to cancer specialists in the United Kingdom.

The British woman saved her life when she coughed up her two tumors unknowingly.

37-year-old Claire Osborn, was sitting in her house when she felt a severe tingling in the back of her throat.

After five minutes of constant coughing, Claire spit up something fleshy in a tissue, which she describes as looking like a liver. The woman however, did not think much more of it and threw it away.

A similar incident occurred the next day, when she had another round of severe coughing, which resulted in another fleshy lump coming out, but this time it was bigger.

"I knew something was very wrong so I went straight to my regular doctor, who sent the tissue sample away
for tests." The tests revealed that Claire had metastatic adenocarcinoma or a lethal and aggressive cancer growing on the back of the throat.

Doctors immediately told her that she probably had cancer cells in other parts of her body and would have to undergo chemotherapy.

She was given a 50 percent chance of surviving. When the doctor performed a positron emission tomography or PET, they found no other signs of cancer. "The specialist turned to me and said: ‘It seems that you have coughed up your cancer. Congratulations.'"



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