Man hit in the head by stray bullet while watching TV at home

Seth Bouldry 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A man was hit by a stray bullet while sitting in his home watching TV, police in Massachusetts said in a statement.

The man who was watching TV in his apartment in Brockton, said that he is lucky to be alive after a bullet fired in the apartment above him came through the roof and hit him in the head.

Seth Bouldry said that the bullet that wounded him during his visit to his girlfriend on Sunday night, literally bounced off his head.

Bouldry, 23, said that at first, he did not know what happened, he just heard a pop. Then he put his hand to his head and felt blood running.

He was taken to hospital where he received four stitches. Bouldry said that there was a loud discussion in the apartment unit above him before the gun went off.

Police are investigating, but did not immediately make an arrest. The police said that the bullet was slowed down by the roof thereby saving the man's life.



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