Wild dogs maul 4 people to death in park

Park illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

Police have warned residents to stay away from an area park after wild dogs have mauled at least four people to death, according to press reports in Mexico City, Mexico.

Authorities have confirmed that four people whose mutilated bodies were found in a mountainous park on the eastern edge of Mexico City in the last two weeks, were mauled to death by wild dogs.

Mexico City prosecutors said in a statement that experts determined that a woman and a 1-year-old child, whose bodies were located at the Cerro de la Estrella park in Iztapalapa, had bled to death.

Prosecutors said Monday, that the bodies had been partially eaten and that the woman was missing her left arm.

Park visitors on Friday, found the bodies of another two teenagers, who had been attacked by dogs and bled to death.

Prosecutors said that at least 100 police officers are searching the area and have so far caught 25 wild dogs. Authorities have warned against visiting the park until further notice.



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