People freak out after pet dog looks like a lion (video)

By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) People freaked out after they saw a man’s dog that looked like a lion, according to police reports in Virginia.

The dog that was shaved to look like a lion supposedly triggered 911 calls in Virginia, where Charles the Labradoodle raised eyebrows for quite some time.

911 callers told police that a lion was walking down Colley Avenue in Norfolk, possibly looking for food near 50th Street.

The police meanwhile, called the Virginia Zoo early Tuesday, to make sure that the zoo lions were all accounted for, Winfield Danielson, who is a zoo spokesperson, said.

As a result, the lion was later identified as Charles, a mix of a Labrador retriever and poodle shaved down to look like a lion.

"The dog has thousands of friends on Facebook," owner Chris Painter said.

Painter said that police have told him several times that Charles had been mistaken for a lion.

The dog loves children, tailgating at football games and loves to eat pizza.