Bartender selling beer for dogs (video)

Daniel Keeton 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

(Scroll down for video) Are your friends not available to hang out?

No problem. You can now hang out and have a beer with your dog.

A bartender from Bend, Oregon, who is a dog lover, has created a special beer for man’s best friend, the dog.

The new drink was created by Daniel Keeton, who is a bartender at the Boneyard Brewery tasting room in his hometown of Bend.

Don’t worry, the drink does not contain alcohol. It is a "healthy, liquid nutritional treat." The mixture is made of low sodium vegetable broth, water and grains.

The beverage is called “Dawg Grog." Keeton said that his dog loves the drink and he licks the bowl clean every time he gets it.

People are known to spend a lot of money on their beloved dogs. This novelty beverage is not cheap. The price for a six pack of Dawg Grog is $36 - which is about three times the price of a six pack of beer for humans.



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