Judge bans woman from having more kids after she left her kids alone while she partied (video)

Kimberly Lightsey 
By: Hydar Tomar 

(Scroll down for video) A Judge banned one irresponsible mother from having any more children, according to court proceedings in Florida.

The mother of four left her young children alone in a hotel room as she went out to party. Kimberly Lightsey, 30, left four kids, aged between one and eleven years old, alone in the hotel room in Winter Haven, Florida.

Judge Ernest Jones Jr. gave her a choice to stop having more kids of face five years in prison.

According to reports, a guest at the hotel called the police after hearing kids crying in the hotel room and a baby carriage was overturned in the hallway. One son has epilepsy and cerebral palsy, and needs constant care.

When police entered the hotel room it was in "disarray" with trash, food and clothes strewn everywhere. The oldest child told officers that a woman named Simone, was supposed to babysit them.

Simone was found by police, but she told investigators that she did not know what room the children were staying in, according to press reports.

Lightsey was arrested when she returned to the hotel room. The children were placed with relatives. As part of her plea deal the judge ordered Lightsey to stop having children.

At first, she hesitated and she looked at her boyfriend for approval. When the single mother hesitated and said she wanted more children, the judge told her: "But you have four of them."

Lightsey accepted the plea deal, meaning that she cannot have more kids for the next 13 years, the length of her probation.

In addition to 13 years probation, Lightsey was also placed under house arrest for two years and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.

She was also banned from having any unsupervised contact with minors.

The judge agreed that Lightsey could have more children in the future if she is able to meet several conditions of her probation and successfully petition the court to remove the no unsupervised contact with minors clause.

Lightsey is still on a previous four years probation after pleading no contest to child abuse in 2009. She had been accused of beating her six-year-old son on the face with a belt.



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