Mother having affair with son arrested after attempting to kill her husband (video)

Amy Pearson 
By: Hydar Tomar 

(Scroll down for video) A woman along with her son were arrested after she plotted with her son to kill her husband, according to police reports in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The woman, her brother and her adopted son, have been charged with attempting to kill the woman's husband in order to take advantage of a life insurance policy.

Amy Pearson, 42, was also involved in a romantic relationship with her adopted son, 21-year-old Michael Bessey, a police report released Monday said.

She had almost finalized a divorce with 49-year-old Robert Bessey.

Once the divorce would be completed, Pearson would no longer have a legal right to a life insurance policy of $250,000 - the police report said.

One day, Robert Bessey was driving his car on Interstate 15, when a gold SUV stopped next to him and one of the occupants shot him in the neck. Bessey survived the attempt on his life.

Video surveillance at a gas station placed Michael Bessey and Richard Pearson, 39, in the van shortly before the crime occurred.

"Michael and Amy were very close," Robert Bessey told police. Apparently, that closeness was a factor in the divorce process.

Initially, the police haven't arrested Amy Pearson, but after communication between the woman and her adopted son, they built a case against her as well.

Michael Bessey sent a letter to Pearson shortly after his arrest, which asked his father to drop the
charges against him.

"Robert had read the whole letter, which read: 'I miss touching you,'" the police report said. Michael Bessey also made a confession to his prison cellmate, which also helped police concentrate on Pearson.

"He and Amy Pearson would receive $400,000 in total benefits," the police report said. "He was going to buy a truck, his mother would pay her mortgage and the two would never have to work again," police said of the plot.



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