Government official asks people to conserve water by peeing in shower

Shower illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A government official is asking people to conserve water and save money by urinating in the shower.

The Dutch politician came up with a way to help the environment, conserve water and save money all at once.

His idea is to flush the toilet less by peeing while you shower.

A study showed that the average Dutch person uses 10.3 gallons of water per day on showers and 9.5 gallons per day flushing the toilet, according to a local report.

At a council meeting of the council's sustainability initiative, were water conservation was one of its focal points, this idea was floated.

Bert Wassink, a council member in the Drenthe municipality of Aa en Hunze, in the Netherlands, suggested that people can reduce water consumption by combining toilet time with shower time.

“Peeing in the shower saves a lot of water and its good for the environment. If you combine showers and peeing, it saves a lot of water and money. So why not?" Wassink said.



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