Drunk man on plane seen on video taped down to his seat (video)

By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) Photos were recently shown of a drunk man taped to his plane seat on a flight from Iceland to New York.

Now, a video has been posted of the drunk man tied to his seat.

The man discovered how unfriendly skies can be.

A week after the photo of the man taped to his seat aboard an Icelandair flight made ​​the rounds, he can now be seen on video moaning loudly while being severely restricted.

The video was taken by a passenger on board the flight from Iceland to New York's JFK Airport.

Gudjon Arngrimsson, the airline’s vice president of corporate communications, said that a passenger on an Icelandair flight had to be restrained with the help of other passengers.

Arngrimsson said that the man was restricted because of his dangerous behavior, including threatening other passengers and the flight crew.

No charges were filed against the man who has not been named.

The man who shared the photo of the man tied to the seat, explained the story in more detail. He drank a whole bottle of some tax free alcohol.

Then he tried to grab a woman sitting next to him, screaming that the plane was going to crash. Finally, he started choking a guy next to him, and that's when a crowd stopped him and tied him up. This was 2 hours into the 6 hour flight.



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