Ohio tap water catches on fire (video)

Tap water on fire 
By: Devansh Dutt 

(Scroll down for video) The last thing that should catch fire would be water, but that is exactly what happened in one Ohio home, according to press reports in Ohio.

A few weeks ago, an Ohio family was surprised when their tap water caught on fire.

Debby Kline said that she lit a candle near the running faucet, which caused a fire explosion from the sink to the ceiling.

The Portage County woman said that she had previously noticed something strange about the water.

Dangerously high levels of methane, which is a highly flammable gas found inside the water seems to be the reason behind the explosion. A natural gas company began drilling near her house six months ago, and Kline suspects that the company may be responsible for her water fire.

The methane gas is produced naturally in the soil, and wells may leak when the soil is disturbed. A
study by Duke University linked natural gas drilling to high methane levels in well water in 2011.

Kline also said that because a methane filter would cost about $8,000 she is drinking bottled water for now, but she still bathes in tap water.

The methane in drinking water is not generally considered a threat to health, according to the Water Systems Council. The real danger is when gas escapes from the water and collects in the air, especially in poorly ventilated or confined areas.



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