Parents refuse to cure 20-year-old baby (video)

Brooke Greenberg 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) A 20-year-old woman is suffering from a one of a kind disease that caused her to remain a baby, and her parents say that they will refuse to cure the disease if a cure is eventually found, according to press reports in Maryland.

Brooke Greenberg is a 20-year-old woman, but is still a child because of a medical mystery that has baffled medical experts for several years.

From ages one to four, Brooke grew as a normal child. However, between four and five, she suddenly stopped growing, her parents said.

"From the age of one to four, Brooke grew. She grew a little bigger," her father, Howard, said. "At four years of age, from four to five, she stopped," he added.

Since then, Brooke’s height has remained at 20 inches and she still weighs 16 pounds. She wears diapers and is pushed with a stroller. She is fed through a feeding tube and communicates as any other child would.

"She is like a six month old," her mother said. "If she's happy, she will laugh and laugh," she added.
The doctors told Brooke's parents, who live in Maryland, that there are no other cases like Brooke in the world.

The family provides her care day to day, with the help of her siblings. "It Is not easy," her parents said. “We have no one really to turn to, to tell us what to expect,” they added. Doctors have no way to determine how long she can live.

However, her parents believe that it is not necessary for her to be cured.

"If someone knocked on the door at the moment and said: ‘Here is a guaranteed pill. Give this to Brooke and she is going to be fixed,’ Well first I would say: ‘She is not broken.' Then I would say: ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’” her father said.



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