Teen girl arrested for stealing $13 from mother

Lauren Root 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A teen girl was arrested in Florida, for stealing $13 from her mother.

After fighting with her mother, the teenage girl took $13 dollars from her mother’s purse and ran off.

According to reports, the mother and daughter were driving in a car together when the mother, Susan Root, 47, confronted her daughter about her recent drug use. The daughter, Lauren Root, 18, became angry and the two started arguing.

The family feud took a twist when they got into a tug of war over the mother’s purse. The daughter apparently won the battle and managed to grab a meager $13 before she fled.

According to reports, the two were on their way to pick up the eleven-year-old daughter of Susan, who was being treated at Halifax Health Medical Center.

While arguing, the daughter grabbed her mother's purse and the mother tried to take the purse back.
The fight almost caused an accident. The mother then proceeded to pull into a Citgo station, where
they continued to struggle for the purse. The daughter stole $13 and she ran away, according to police.

Police officers caught up with the daughter and found her in possession of the $13.

Root was arrested for theft. The mother did not want to press criminal charges, she only wanted her daughter to be tested for drugs.

Her bail was set at $250.



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