Gamblers can now bet on death of loved ones

Patient in hospital illustration 
By: Aarav Sen 

A new gamblers club opened that allows people to gamble on the life of terminally ill patients.

Gambling can be an addiction, but to gamble on the time of death of a loved one is sickening.

Friends and family members can bet on terminally ill patients to predict when the person will die.

This bizarre trend has taken off and a company has set up more than ten such gaming houses in Taiwan, according to Chinese press reports.

Players of the gambling club include doctors of terminally ill patients, family members, friends of cancer patients or random people. According to press reports, people who want to place a bet, must first pay a fee of $50.

Once someone places a bet on the life of a sick person, the bookies then visit the hospital to get permission from the patient’s family.

Punters then go to the hospital to observe the patient. According to the rules, the bookies win if cancer patients die within a month. However, if the patient dies between one and six months after the bets were placed, the players would be paid three times their bet.

According to reports, local police are investigating the gambling houses in Taichung, which is the third largest city in Taiwan.



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