8-year-old boy helps brother and sister reunite after 65 years (video)

Clifford Boyson and Betty Billadeau 
By: Chan Yuan 

(Scroll down for video) An 8-year-old boy with a Facebook account helped a brother and sister reunite after 65 years, according to press reports in Iowa.

An Iowa man has been reunited with his sister 65 years after the siblings were separated by adoption.

Clifford Boyson from Davenport, met his sister, Betty Billadeau, in person on Saturday. Billadeau drove from her home in Florissant, Missouri, with her daughter and granddaughter, to the meeting at a hotel in Davenport.

Boyson, 66, and Billadeau, 70, both tried to find each other for years without success. They were placed in different foster homes in Chicago, when they were children.

Then, 8-year-old Eddie Hanzelin, who is the son of Boyson’s landlord, became involved in the search.

Hanzelin managed to find Billadeau, when searching Facebook accounts with the mother's maiden name of Billadeau. He recognized the family resemblance when he saw her photo.

"Oh, my God," Boyson said when he saw and embraced Billadeau. "You have a sister," Billadeau said.

"You're about the same height as mom was," Boyson said. Billadeau’s daughter, Sarah Billadeau, 42, and her granddaughter, Megan Billadeau, 27, both wiped tears and smiled at the meeting.

"There was no woman in his life," Sarah said. "We'll get that fixed very quickly," she added. Boyson said that he is looking forward to visiting Billadeau near Saint Louis, and meet more of the family.

"I hope I can go and spend a week or two," he said. "I never knew I had a big family," he added. The 8-year-old boy received a reward of $125 for helping the search.



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