12-year-old found guilty of murdering neo-Nazi father (video)

Jeff Hall 
By: Chan Yuan 

(Scroll down for video) A 12-year-old boy of California, was convicted of murder after killing his neo-Nazi father while he was sleeping.

According to reports, the boy took action and killed the person he perceived as a threat to himself and his family. The boy claimed that his father threatened to burn down the house and kill the entire family.

The boy killed his father when he was only ten years old. Now, the judge ruled that the boy knew that his actions were wrong. The 12-year-old boy, who was not named due to his age, was convicted of murder in a Los Angeles court.

Though he was only ten years old when he shot and killed his father, the judge said the boy knew right from wrong when he pulled the trigger of his father's loaded gun. The boy was found guilty of second degree murder.

His father, Jeff Hall, was a regional leader of the National Socialist Movement. He was 32 years old when he was killed by his son. The boy is scheduled to be sentenced next month and he could be jailed up until he turns 23 years old.

According to reports, the boy suffered abuse at the hands of his father and the boy’s mother took drugs while she was pregnant with the accused boy. The defense argued that he was damaged by a violent home, and was trying to protect himself and his family.

Defense attorney Matthew Hardy began his argument by showing a photograph of the boy at a neo-Nazi meeting with someone in a Ku Klux Klan wearing a hood and robe along with two other people.

They were seen in the photo giving the Nazi salute and the accused boy was holding a toy gun.

Hardy said that the father had threatened to burn down the family home as the family slept. He used to slap and spank the child. He also taught him how to shoot a gun. He taught the child that violence is an appropriate response to problems.

Meanwhile, the boy is being held at the county social services.



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