Armed robber charged with murder after store worker kills his accomplice (video)

Joshua Stuart 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

(Scroll down for video) An armed robber was arrested and charged with murder after the store worker killed his accomplice during a shootout, according to police reports in Hollywood, Florida.

A homeless man helped stop the armed robbery in progress at a gas station.

Hasib Kuric, a homeless immigrant from Bosnia, had an agreement with the owner of the Exxon station on South State Road 7, that he can sleep in a U-Haul truck in the rear in exchange for keeping an eye on the property.

Shortly before midnight Monday, Kuric tried to do his part and alert the cashier about a pair of masked men outside the store. Before he could tell the employee, one of the aspiring thieves started shooting Kuric in the store aisles and the cashier responded by firing from behind the counter with his own gun.

The gunman was killed after being shot in the face by the cashier, who was identified by police as Leonard Carr, while Kuric miraculously escaped injuries.

"He saved my life," Kuric said Tuesday, sitting under a tree near the store, trying to absorb what had happened the night before. "We are brothers now. We were reborn in the same day," he added. Carr, 45, of Miami, said he was "too shook up" to talk about the incident on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night, police had not released the name of the gunman who was killed. The other suspect, 19-year-old Joshua Stuart, of Hollywood, was arrested a few blocks from the gas station.

He has been charged with armed robbery, attempted murder and second-degree murder, for the death of his accomplice.



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