Man arrested after holding confederate flag (video)

Trip Lewis 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged after showing up at a museum holding a confederate flag, according to police reports in Virginia.

Trip Lewis said that the flag was just a tribute to his Civil War ancestor. On Saturday, he faced a historic chapel on the outskirts of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Virginia.

Police said that he broke the law when he put the Confederate flag on the property.

"The security guard asked me to get off the property and I politely asked him to show me the law that said I can’t be in a public park with a flag. The resulting action sent my daughter into a tailspin and I felt it was totally wrong for my kids to be there and see this," Lewis said.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is located in what was once a camp for Confederate veterans. You can still see the Robinson House, which was built in the 1850s, the home of the Confederate soldier and the Confederate Memorial Chapel.

Lewis was charged with trespassing.

"The Code of Virginia prohibits banners and flags, so law enforcement officials were only supporting that code," Suzanne Hall with the Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia, said.

The law also states that a person cannot display a flag for the purpose of filing a motion, meaning a protest in the park's museum. He will face a judge next month.



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