18 human heads found at Chicago airport (video)

Skulls illustration 
By: Wayne Morin 

(Scroll down for video) Authorities have confirmed that 18 human heads were found in the cargo of a Lufthansa aircraft.

The heads apparently came to the United States from Rome.

Customs officers made the startling discovery of 18 severed human heads at Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport.

According to reports, all heads still had skin on them. The human heads were all wrapped in plastic and stored in three coolers.

According to the police, the stuffed heads came from a research center in Rome, on the Lufthansa aircraft.
Paperwork for the shipment and the final destination of the three coolers was not clearly marked.

Brian Bell, a Chicago-based spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security, said: "at first glance it appeared to be for medical purposes, which is not entirely uncommon.”

According to reports, the 18 heads were handed over the Cook County Medical Examiner, to ensure they didn't belong to crime victims.

“The medical examiner photographed and took x-rays of the heads for record-keeping purposes,” Mary Paleologos, who is a spokesperson for the medical examiner, said.



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