British Airways discriminates against Christians

Nadia Eweida 
By: Feng Qian 

A court has found that British Airways, discriminated against a woman’s freedom of religion.

The woman, who is Christian, filed a claim against British Airways, saying that they violated her freedom of religion and expression.

Nadia Eweida, who was an employee of British Airways, was told to remove her necklace, which had a cross, at work.

She also claimed that the airline allowed Muslim employees to wear burkas, according to the lawsuit.

British Airline’s check-in clerk, Eweida, sparked a national debate in Britain over religious freedom after she was sent home for refusing to comply with rules, banning employees from wearing visible religious symbols.

Eweida, a devout Christian, took her case to the European Court, after the airline stopped her from wearing a visible cross at work.

Now, the European Court of Human Rights, ruled in favor of Eweida. According to the court, British Airways has discriminated against her religious beliefs.

“The court firmly upheld the rights to freedom of religion and expression,” a spokesperson for the human rights organization Amnesty International said.



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