Woman has dentures stuck in her throat for 9 weeks

Umit Maddock and Nermin Keating 
By: Mahesh Sarin 

An elderly woman accidentally swallowed her dentures and it remained stuck in her throat for 9 weeks, according to press reports in London, England.

75-year-old Nermin Keating of Braintree, Essex, accidentally swallowed her upper 11 teeth one day, several months ago. Doctors however, did not realize it during four visits.

Keating's daughter, 46-year-old Umit Maddock, realized that her mother, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, had lost her false teeth at the same time she began feeling ill.

Maddock took her mother to Braintree Community Hospital and mentioned her missing teeth.

"She was diagnosed with a lung infection and antibiotics were administered," Maddock said. "They did not take much notice of her throat," she added.

When her high temperature persisted, Maddock took her mother to another physician at Mount Chambers Surgery, a week later. The doctor did not notice anything wrong with her throat.

Maddock could not remember if she mentioned the missing teeth, but said that her mother’s throat was not checked. The doctor prescribed more antibiotics.

The drugs did not help. "She still was not improving," Maddock said. "When I was feeding her she was making funny noises and almost choking," she added.

A few weeks later, a desperate Maddock took Keating to another doctor.

When the doctor examined Keating, she looked down her throat. "The teeth were there," Maddock said.

Keating then went to Broomfield Hospital, where a very long tool was used to pull out her false teeth, nine weeks after swallowing them. Keating was very happy and recovering on a liquid diet.



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