Doctors leave 16 medical items inside body of cancer patient (video)

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By: Mahesh Sarin 

(Scroll down for video) A man who underwent surgery at a hospital, was left with unbearable pain after 16 medical items were mistakenly left inside his body, according to press reports in Germany.

Now, the hospital is being sued for medical malpractice after surgeons left more than a dozen medical odds and ends within the body of a cancer patient during an operation.

The man, who was identified as 74-year-old Dirk Schroeder, had been the subject of a routine surgery for prostate cancer. The operation is believed to have gone well and Schroeder was told that he had at least another six years of life.

"He wanted to live to see his 80th birthday," his daughter said. However, after the surgery, Schroeder discovered that the wound had healed poorly. According to his family, his pain was so intense that he often could not sit.

It took several weeks before the source of the pain was discovered. When surgeons operated on Schroeder again, they were surprised to find 16 pieces of medical equipment in the man's body. This included a needle, a six-inch roll of bandage, a compress which was six inches in length, various swabs and a fragment of a surgical mask.

It took two operations to remove all the items. Incredibly, Schroeder survived the traumatic incident, but he died last year from complications arising from his cancer.

The family is reportedly seeking about $127,000 in damages, while the hospital offered the family $660.



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