Man steals date’s car during movie leaving her stranded (video)

Michael Pratt 
By: Feng Qian 

(Scroll down for video) A man took out his date to watch a movie, but later stole her car and never came back, leaving the woman stranded at the theater.

A Wesley Chapel, Florida, man was arrested after he allegedly stole the car of his date.

27-year-old Michael Pratt went on a date with 35-year-old Sarah Bush. During the movie, Pratt asked his date for her car keys. He left and never returned.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, Pratt and the victim were on a date at a movie in the Tampa, Florida area, when Pratt allegedly asked the woman for her car keys and told her that he had to get something from her car. She gave him the keys and he never returned to the theater.

According to police, the victim called Pratt after he did not return with her keys. He answered his phone, and when she asked where he was, he just laughed and admitted that he had stolen her car. That’s when the victim called police.

According to police, Pratt called Bush four days later, and told her that he had dumped the vehicle
in a Walmart parking lot. Officers recovered the car and Pratt was arrested.

The car, a silver Ford Focus, was a rental car. Pratt was charged with theft of a motor vehicle.

In the past, Pratt served over a year in prison on charges of stealing a vehicle as well other charges of fraud, grand theft, having counterfeit money and failing to return rental property.

He is being held at the Pasco jail on $5,000 bail.



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