Man turns pigeon droppings into soap (video)

Pigeons illustration 
By: Feng Qian 

(Scroll down for video) Many cities are fed up with the many pigeons that walk their streets, while leaving a dirty mess.

One man came up with an idea that could turn all the pigeon droppings into soap and detergent.

Belgian born designer Tuur Van Balen, believes that by feeding pigeons the right ingredients it could turn their feces into the perfect soap and detergent. Saving the environment while keeping the streets clean might just be the next big thing.

Van Balen is on a mission to convert pigeon droppings into soap by feeding pigeons a bacteria, which
is harmless and equivalent to yogurt. It alters their metabolism and then gets them to defecate in a designated box.

Van Balen thinks he can create suitable soap for washing dirty windows, sticky floors and even pigeon turd on the awning. This might just stop one of the most irritating and plentiful natural resources.

Van Balen hopes that his innovation will not only clean up the city, but also change the public's perception of pigeons.



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