How to rent girlfriend to impress Facebook friends (video)

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By: Feng Qian 

(Scroll down for video) Do you feel bad having “single” as your Facebook profile?

Have you just gotten out of a relationship and want to flaunt a new girlfriend to impress your Facebook friends?

Well, you can now buy a fake Facebook girlfriend. Your new virtual girlfriend will post comments on your Facebook page. She can even have you on her profile as her boyfriend.

With Facebook being such a big part of many people’s lives, many welcome this new service.

"Sometimes people hire a fake girlfriend to make their former girlfriend jealous. After a breakup, some former boyfriends want to show they are already with someone else," the company’s website said. is the website that offers this service. There are several options to choose from depending on how real you want the girlfriend to appear. For $10.00 you can have a girlfriend for three days, $19.00 buys you a girlfriend for seven days, and $99 buys a girlfriend for one month.

Currently, there are no fake Facebook boyfriends. If they are successful with the virtual girlfriends, the website plans to start offering virtual boyfriends.



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