Grandma banned from calling emergency services after making 1,000 bogus calls

Valerie Dawn Gough 
By: Tanya Malhotra 

A grandma was ordered to appear in court after she called emergency services too many times.

Valerie Dawn Gough, 67, who is a mother of three and grandmother of four, was found guilty of excessively calling emergency services after being warned not to do so.

Gough, from Queensland, Australia, has been banned from calling 000, after a court found that she had called emergency services excessively, one thousand times in five years to be exact.

Gough, was found guilty of 302 counts, including misuse of emergency services and using the service to threaten and harass.

According to reports, the court heard that Gough had called the Queensland Ambulance Service, one thousand times, costing taxpayers a whopping one million dollars!

Last year alone, Gough made ​​over 300 calls to emergency services, including 10 in one day.

Prosecutor Richard Chedzey told the court that the Queensland Ambulance Service has sent numerous letters to Gough, letting her know that it was an offense to misuse the service.

Instead of stopping, the number of calls increased. Gough has been placed on probation for two years, and she was banned from calling 000.

If something happens to her where she really needs help then a family member is allowed to call the emergency service on her behalf.



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