School orders 13-year-old girl to get breast reduction (video)

Gabrielle Jackson 
By: Chan Yuan 

(Scroll down for video) A mother was left shocked after a school told her that her 13-year-old daughter needs to get a breast reduction, according to press reports in Missouri.

Tammie Jackson phoned a Missouri school district, complaining that her daughter Gabrielle, 13, was harassed routinely because of her large breasts. The response of an employee left the mother horrified and worried.

"The woman on the phone said I could transfer out my daughter and said that her breasts were so big that they are always mocked by other students. The only suggestion she had for me is that my daughter get a breast reduction," Jackson said.

Bullies at the Central High School in Moline Acres, near Saint Louis, made lewd and insensitive comments about Gabrielle’s big breasts, her mother said.

Jackson hoped that the school would investigate the matter and tell the suspect bullies to stop humiliating the sixth-grader. Instead, Jackson said that the blame was placed unfairly on Gabrielle, the victim, rather than the bullies.

"I feel like now they're saying it's her fault, the fault of God, the way he created my daughter," she said.

School Superintendent Clive Coleman said that the school is investigating the incident and is working on reducing bullying throughout his district. He believes however, that Jackson’s claims are not entirely accurate.

"We're still investigating," he said. "To be honest with you, I think this happened due to lack of communication."



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