Man lays dead in his home for a month unnoticed

By: Tanya Malhotra 

A young man was found dead in his home, and according to reports was dead for more than a month before neighbors realized that something was wrong, Police in Ireland said in a statement.

The newly discovered male body, who was the father of two children in Wexford, may have gone unnoticed up to a month.

The remains of 49-year-old Philip Knight, an estranged father, were discovered on Monday night, when residents expressed concern that he had not been seen for some time.

Police discovered his body after they broke down the door to his two-story house located in the Charlton Hill Estate in New Ross, Wexford. The man's decomposed remains were discovered on the platform at the top of the stairs.

The father was often seen coming and going, and he used to spend two or three weeks away from home. The surrounding residents of the development had reported a foul smell coming from the house.

"He was very secretive. He had some relatives in England, so it was not unusual for him to be away for a couple of weeks and back again. This is why nobody in the area was suspicious after he was not seen in a while," a neighbor said.

A police spokesperson said that his body was taken to Waterford Regional Hospital, for a postmortem examination.

"This will determine the nature of the investigation, but at this point, there is nothing to suggest foul play was involved," the police spokesperson said.



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