Grandmother in trouble after grandkids store stolen goods in her house

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By: Feng Qian 

A 78-year-old grandmother was arrested after her grandchildren were accused of stealing.

The grandma from Medford, New Jersey, has been accused of allowing her grandchildren to use her house as the burglary base and to store the stolen goods.

Lorraine Bleckley was arrested along with two of her grandchildren after they were accused of burglarizing a home and then storing the stolen items at the grandmother’s house.

Bleckley was arrested along with her two grandchildren, Kenneth Bleckley Jr., 24, and Cynthia Bleckley, 21. The grandchildren were charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit robbery, while the grandma was charged with maintaining a public nuisance.

According to police, Kenneth Bleckley Jr. and Cynthia Bleckley, live with their grandmother and she allowed her partners in crime to stay at the home as well.

Altogether, six people have been charged in what police call a “burglary ring.”

Three others were arrested in this burglary ring. Jeffrey Simpkins, 23, Kristina McLeod, 24, and
Heather Kane, 26.

They were all charged with multiple counts of robbery, theft and related offenses.

Now, police believe that this group is responsible for seven other burglaries in neighborhood homes in which a total of $27,000 in cash and jewelry were reported stolen.

According to police, the group used the house of grandma Bleckley, as a base for breaking into nearby homes and storing the stolen goods.



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