Air Force sergeant arrested in Nevada after raping boy

Mazen Alotaibi 
By: Wayne Morin 

An air force sergeant of Saudi Arabia, was arrested and charged after raping a boy in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to court proceedings in Nevada.

A Nevada judge set bail at $1.22 million on Friday, for the Saudi air force sergeant jailed since the beginning of the month after he was accused of pulling a 13-year-old boy into a room at a Las Vegas Strip hotel before raping him.

Defense attorney Don Chairez said that his client, Mazen Alotaibi, would put up the extraordinarily high bail, surrender his diplomatic passport and be released pending a hearing later this month.

Chairez said that he would recommend to the Saudi authorities that the suspect should remain in prison until the hearing later this month. The money would be better spent on the investigation of the charges and the preparation of the trial, Chairez said.

The lawyer also claimed outside court that his client was treated unfairly by the police because he was too drunk on brandy to surrender his right to have an attorney present during questioning.

"A person who is under the influence, cannot waive his right to counsel," Chairez said.

Alotaibi was in court with an Arabic interpreter and said nothing while the Las Vegas Justice judge, Bill Kephart, said the allegations against him was outrageous. The judge said that if Alotaibi fled the country, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia does not have an extradition treaty to bring him back.

Alotaibi is accused of forcing the boy into the hotel room, where up to four other Saudi officials smoked cigarettes or marijuana early one morning in Las Vegas.

Prosecutor Mary Kay Holthus said that Alotaibi admitted during police questioning that he had sex with the boy.

The prosecutor said that even if the boy wanted sex, the state of Nevada law considers a child under 16 as a person who cannot consent.



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