Ancient Roman Empire toilet paper discovered (video)

By: Feng Qian 

(Scroll down for video) Really old pieces of toilet paper that were used during the Roman Empire, were discovered, according to historical experts in England.

Palm-sized stone disks, once thought to be playing pieces of the Roman Empire, were probably in fact used as toilet paper, scholars announced.

The antiques have remained at the Fishbourne Roman Palace Museum in West Sussex, England, for more than sixty years.

They had been displayed to the public as board game pieces, possibly a Roman version of the popular checkers game, but a new report in a British Medical Journal theorized that they were in fact an early form of toilet paper.

Museum director Dr. Rob Symmons said that it would be hard to say for sure because any remaining residue would have been washed off a long time ago.

"It is not beyond the realms of possibility that we could still find some new signs of residue or waste," Symmons said.

"However, these ceramics have no monetary value, because we are essentially talking about items that were used as toilet paper," he added.

He said that he was delighted with the idea that the stones may have been used to clean up people.
"I love the idea that we had these in the museum for 60 years being largely ignored and now suddenly they are items that people can identify with," he said.



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