Raccoon caught on camera breaking into home

Raccoon breaking into Brooklyn home 
By: Tanya Malhotra 

A raccoon might be a regular guest in some homes of the United States, but is definitely not the normal guest in heavily populated Brooklyn, New York.

A man from Brooklyn posted a picture of a raccoon breaking into his home on a popular social media website, adding: "I really did not expect this kind of thing happening to me in downtown Brooklyn."

The man who posted the picture, was identified as Brandon McNeil of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

This is the story, he lived to tell the world: "We had the windows open with screens in. I was in another room when I noticed a loud noise in my bedroom. I first thought that my cat hit something inside the closet, so I went to see what happened. When I entered the room, my cat was at the door with an arched back, clearly frightened. That's when I looked up to see what had happened and saw the intruder.

"The raccoon and I looked at each other for a few seconds, and I started to fling my jacket near it. Then I started screaming at it. The raccoon seemed confused and did not move for a while, but finally turned around and went back out the window.

"The raccoon however, already developed a taste for home life, as it immediately climbed the fire escape and tried to break into the neighbor's apartment. At this point, it is unclear what happened, maybe the raccoon now lives upstairs."



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